Blackberry Lime Pie


Lime Blackberry Pie with Italian Meringue

I should’ve just titled this “prettiest pie ever” or better yet “best meringue ever” because that’s what I’m going to come back to this post for. I mean, just look at that pie. Is that not amazing? By far the prettiest pie I’ve ever made, and that meringue was to die for.

I made this pie for Canadian Thanksgiving at the same time as the Peanut Butter Honeycomb Pie, and it was tasty. It was also seemed like a lot of work for what ended up pretty simple flavours. First you make the lime curd, then let it chill for a few hours (or days, if you make it ahead). Then mix some gelatine with whipped cream, and gently fold into the curd. Then you make the blackberry compote (easy, yes – but not all that quick), then assemble the thing and let it chill some more. At the end you make the meringue, toast it (preferably with a torch if you want it extra pretty) aaand EAT! Okay, maybe it wasn’t really that hard – but I guess after all of those hours I hoped for flavours that were a bit more mind blowing. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t all that special.

The meringue, however, was *awesome.* I was a bit intimidated by the instructions involving a candy thermometer – but in the end it was really very simple and it made the shiniest and most luxurious meringue ever. Definitely one I will revisit, and I recommend you do too.

Full recipe is here.

Did I mention this was a pretty pie? Yeah, just…. so pretty!

Lime Blackberry Pie with Italian Meringue

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