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Shana Tova!

September 8, 2010

Rosh Hashanah is here, and for those of you who also celebrate the Jewish New Year, I thought I’d share a few recipes I’ve been eyeing to mark the occasion. There’s only so many I’ll have time for this year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try them! And even if you aren’t Jewish, if you’re a fan of apple, honey – or (even better) apple and honey together – this post is for you.

Here are a few sweet ways to get your year off to a good start: (more…)

(Prize Winning?) Apple Pie

October 11, 2009

At our apple day yesterday, Emily was amazing enough to make us some really yummy apple pie. Her pies were amazing. Not only did they taste great, but also looked incredible – she has a bit of a trademark of adding a special touch of design by carving a bit of leftover dough into something unique. This apple pie had an apple – leaf and worm included. She’s awesome, eh?

For our family thanksgiving dinner, we volunteered to bring the dessert – two pies. Pie #1: Apple! Could we do as good as Emily? There was a particular recipe I’d been eyeing since Leigh Ann over at Rosemary Kitchen, a blog I read posted about it a few weeks ago. A prize winning apple pie? Sign me up!


All Things Apple

October 11, 2009

Photo by the Magical Emily Wat

Yesterday was a great day. We spent the day with lots and lots of apples: First at an orchard where we picked them, and later at home when we turned them into tasty tasty treats.

Our friends with much better cameras than ours got some really great shots at the orchard – thanks Emily and Ankle! The orchard was great fun – something we hope to make an annual tradition. We last went two years ago and while we really enjoyed it, we found ourselves inundated with massive amounts of apples.. far too many to eat or even make into pies. Now that we’re into canning, we decided to invite everyone back to our place after to pool our apple hauls and make apple butter and apple preserves. We also tried  our hand at making some hard cider. More on that in a month or so, when we know if it worked out!

Thanks to everyone who participated – the apple butter in particular is amazingly tasty – and made for a really yummy breakfast.