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Amazingly Fudgy Brownies

February 8, 2011

For Violet’s 2 week birthday, Adam and I were feeling ready to get back into the kitchen. The February issue of Bon Appétit had arrived just in time, and included a number of recipes to get us inspired.

Adam wanted to make chili for the Superbowl, and decided on the veggie version – a Black Bean Chili with Butternut Squash. Unfortunately that didn’t fare so well… it ended up extremely spicy – and not all that interesting. So if you also get Bon Appétit, I’d give that recipe a miss.

These brownies, however… make them. Make them NOW. They weren’t kidding about them being the best ever – they are so fudgy and decadent. A great way to get back into baking. MmmMm.

Full recipe: