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Longing for Summer: Lemon Curd

December 20, 2009

IMG_4648It’s December. Time for cold weather and lots of winter-y dishes – soupscrisps, and of course, cozy warm cocktails. So when this Lemon Curd recipe popped up on David Lebovitz’s blog, I knew I had to give it a try. Lemon is an any-season food, right? Sure.

I’d been hoping to pick up some of these mystical Meyer lemons I keep hearing about, but nothing yet. No, I’ve not looked that hard. Apparently they are sold at Whole Foods, and my mother-in-law regularly picks them up at a local supermarket, but *my* local supermarket doesn’t stock them, so I’ve yet to get. I couldn’t wait any longer – this evening I had to make me some Lemon Curd.

Luckily it was just as easy as David Lebovitz promised, and oh my yum.


Give it a go:


Toasted Coconut Lemon Meringue Pie

October 11, 2009

Pie #2 of our contributions to Thanksgiving dinner, and one we will definitely make again. Quite possibly the best pie I’ve ever made. After not being able to find any key lime juice for the key lime pie we were hoping to make, we found this on Epicurious and scrambled a bit to get everything sorted out in time.

Not a super simple pie to make, but definitely worth it. The coconut was such a great addition to the crust and meringue, and the lemon curd filling was just perfect. Unfortunately we had to transport it pretty much right away after taking it out of the oven, so the meringue that started out so tall and fluffy fell a good bit by the time we cut into it, but the flavours will still great. SUCH a good pie. Highly highly recommended.

Another iPhone shot: