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Four-Grain Flapjacks

March 20, 2011


While our appreciation for food hasn’t wavered since the birth of our daughter, Violet, we have noticed that our choices about what we cook have become much different.  Unless Violet is asleep, one of us generally has to be holding her, which makes recipes that involve rigid timing hard to follow.  Elaborate breakfasts at home are another story altogether.  So often we find ourselves rushing out the door and unable to have a slow, relaxing morning.

Then it happened.  Sunday, March 20.  Violet slept for a huge chunk of the morning, and as a result so did Cari!  We celebrated with one of Dan & Liana’s favourite recipes from The Joy of Cooking.  They actually had us send them this recipe last night, so it was fresh in our minds and was something we already had the ingredients for.

There’s nothing wrong with old-fashioned buttermilk pancakes, but when you feel like something a bit richer in nutrients, this is a delicious and wholesome alternative.  We were surprised just how pronounced the flavours of oatmeal and cornmeal were in the finished product. (more…)