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Beer Me: Atwater Brewery’s Vanilla Java Porter

July 8, 2012

ImageTurns out, some American beer doesn’t suck.  On our last few visits to the U.S. we’ve managed to discover some great beers outside of the Budweiser/Coor’s Light/Old Milwaukee drudge. In the same way that Molson Canadian isn’t representative of all Canadian beers, there are some great microbreweries responsible for some delicious and refreshing brews.

On our most recent visit to Fort Wayne, we tried a Vanilla Porter, which was fantastic. This wasn’t it – but was something else we found on the drive home at a Kroger in Michigan. Brewed in Detroit, Atwater’s Vanilla Java Porter begins with a hit of vanilla and finishes with a more subtle coffee taste. Definitely more of a beer I’d associate with the winter or fall months, but refreshing none-the-less.

Aspects of it reminded me of Mill Street’s Coffee Porter, but the hint of vanilla makes it well worth picking up when south of the border.

My Mustard Has A First Name, It’s K-O-Z-L-I-K

September 12, 2010

A special place exists in my heart for condiments.  Ketchups, mayonnaises, dips and spreads can always be found in our refrigerator.  Mustard, in particular, is something I take very seriously.  At any one time, you may find between four and seven different types of mustards in our fridge: deli-style brown mustard, yellow mustard, dijon mustard, horseradish mustard, mustard with seeds, mustard without seeds… I’m beginning to sound a bit like Forrest Gump’s friend Bubba, am I not?

With that in mind, I had never been too picky when it came to the brand of mustard I was consuming.  That is, until I first tried Anton Kozlik’s Canadian Mustard.  Sure, there are other mustards out there that I enjoy – but I’d also be content to stock my fridge with nothing but Kozlik’s.

Available in more than two dozen varieties, Toronto’s own Kozlik’s mustards have been available at St. Lawrence Market and various specialty food shops since 1948.  To date, I have tried just four: Honey Garlic, Horseradish, Sweet and Smoky, and Amazing Maple.  And they’re all incredible, well worth the extra couple of bucks a jar will set you back.

Check out Kozlik’s online at

Product Recommendation: Fifth Town Soft Ripened Skipping Stone Camembert

December 20, 2009

Not the best photo, but... YUM!

Or really, any of Fifth Town‘s cheeses.

We stumbled upon this particular cheese producer at our beloved Green Barn Market at the Artscape Wychwood Barns. They may have been before, but this is the first we spotted them. Every type of cheese they  had out was amazingly tasty. We ended up purchasing a soft ripened goat’s milk camembert they’ve dubbed “Skipping Stone.” YUM. We went with this one as it’s a limited edition seasonal offering – but I would’ve gladly walked way with the Lemon Fetish feta as well – which had the slightest hint of lemon and it wasn’t too salty, as I find some fetas to be.

The good news is they are available in more places than just the market – many of which are easy to get to like any Alex Farm location, Healthy Butcher, Pusateri’s, and Whole Foods. Check out their full list here.

Product Recommendation: Balsamic Pesto

June 5, 2009
President's Choice Balsamic Pesto Sauce

President's Choice Balsamic Pesto Sauce

Gnocchi is our go to quick and tasty dinner. When we’re in the mood for something really yummy and comfort food-ish, but neither of us are in the mood to actually cook anything real, we almost always go for gnocchi. In the past we’ve always gotten the indulgent vodka sauce, but on a recent trip to Loblaws we stumbled upon this unusual product: Balsamic Pesto. 


It’s a really thick and luxurious sauce that goes a long way. Full of a nice rich flavour. Highly recommended when you’re in the mood for something a little different. I’m sure it would also make a great pizza base, but it’s glorious on gnocchi.



Gnocchi with Balsamic Pesto

Gnocchi with Balsamic Pesto